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Just a quick note on this one for today. I made the NYT gochujang sheet pan chicken with a few modifications and it was excellent. Following the suggestions in the “helpful notes” I:

  • peeled the squash
  • doubled the sauce
  • cooked it on two sheet pans rather than 1
  • put foil on the sheet pans
  • used convection at 450 for 30 minutes, then lowered to 350 for another 10-12
  • subbed in parsnips

and the results make it 100% rotation-worthy. I have a few other notes as well:

  • I should have used one large bowl to make the sauce and coat the chicken/veggies. It would just have made less mess.
  • I should have pickled the radishes and greens in a ziploc to reduce the amount of wasted rice vinegar
  • A bit of time in a marinade wouldn’t have gone amiss
  • Maybe a bit more ginger as well