The Bighorn, Reviewed

The Bighorn is touted as being the final word on searing steak: a 1500 degree outdoor broiler capable of producing a perfect crust every time. But a good broiler is one of the very most versatile tools in any kitchen, and especially commercially tools like a salamander are virtually ubiquitous because of it. So I set out to buy one not only to answer the question of whether it could make a good steak, but more broadly to determine if it could fill the role of a salamander in my outdoor kitchen.

~1 min read

The Grizzled Wizard nachos

These are dive-bar-drunk-food easy and incredibly good. The secret is in the cheese mix.

~1 min read

Brand new website!

Hey all, thanks for taking a look at my shiny new website! We’ll be testing recipes, kitchen gadgets, gadgets in general, and posting pictures of dogs. It’s going to be fun.