Hi, my name is Geremy Condra. I’m a general-purpose nerd living in Seattle, Washington. Thanks for stopping by.

You’ve stumbled onto my blog, which is mostly as a record of what recipes I’ve tried and how they’ve gone, along with various other kitchen-y experiments. There may occasionally be other semi-structured posts, but if you think of this as opening up your recipebook from a time when you were learning to cook you’re in the right neighborhood.

Worth noting is that I do not claim to be especially good at making or eating food. Like probably everyone else I have a few things I make that really snazzle my tastefeathers, but most of this is going to be pretty mediocre and I try to be fair about that.

If you want to contact me, geremy.condra hat gmail dort com.


Most of my posts will have a rating of some type, whether they’re recipes or books or products. That rating is my subjective opinion and will probably not line up with what you see on Amazon or whatever– and will almost always be lower. That’s not because I think everything is terrible, but rather because I think there are genuinely incredible recipes and products out there and that they deserve to be separated out from the vast herd of merely good ones.

Rating scale

Unless otherwise noted, my rating scale looks a little bit like this:

  • 0 stars: this product is junk or pointlessly dangerous, or this recipe is inedible. Avoid avoid avoid.
  • 1 star: this product or recipe is seriously flawed and has no significant upside. It was returned or maybe discarded.
  • 2 stars: this product or recipe has a balance of pros and cons, but it’s mostly bad. I wouldn’t buy or make it again.
  • 3 stars: this is a good product/recipe but has significant downsides. I do not return products at this rating, but might sell them to someone else.
  • 4 stars: we’re headed towards greatness. These are often best-in-class but still have imperfections.
  • 5 stars: this is a genuinely great thing. If you can afford to make/buy this, you should.

Site policies

Yeah, so, don’t rely on anything I say here or elsewhere. Nothing here is legal advice, good advice, advice for you, no warranty express or implied, as-is-how-is-where-is, yadda yadda yadda.

It’s all copyright 2024 Geremy Condra unless otherwise noted.

Use of AI

I don’t use generative AI much, but look, I wouldn’t really be that surprised if it was a better cook than I am. I make no promises about not using it. If you don’t like to hear that I’m sure there’s someone out there willing to lie to you for the clicks.

Yeah, I use affiliate links. They don’t cost you anything, don’t cost me much of anything, and mean I don’t have to run a bajillion ads to maybe cover the cost of the domain name each year. If you like the content here and want to see more of it the best way to do that is to email me with effusive praise or drive up with a truckload of cash. But the next best way is to click affiliate links and buy things you were already gonna buy anyway.